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Hello and welcome! I love the Hampton’s and have for many years. Although not a total “local”, my family has owned property on the east end of long island since 1956. As a native New Yorker, I summered out east with my family for decades, but finally came to my senses and moved to Easthampton 10 years ago and never looked back!  The Hampton’s has changed in many ways since 1956, but in many ways it hasn’t changed at all. The same natural beauty that brought me here originally still lives on. Hampton beaches are hands down some of the most spectacular beaches anywhere with surf, sun and sand to rival any destination. As a developer, property owner and now a local, I can now help others who visit the Hampton’s find a place to stay and make their time here as enjoyable as possible.  This site is designed to reflect all of the best experiences I’ve had in the Hampton’s and share them with you! So sit back browse the site and again welcome!